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Grant Allen "Personal Reminiscences of Herbert Spencer (1894)"

Grant Allen's text in My First Book: "Physiological Aesthetics and Philestia"

Grant Allen's "A Note on the author" in Side Lights by James Runciman

Edward Clodd's Grant Allen: A Memoir

Charles Dudley Warner Library of the World's Best Literature "Charles Grant Allen 1848-"

Peter Morton's Grant Allen: The Busiest Man in England

Grant Allen by William Greenslade and Terrence Rodgers (eds)


Falling in Love, 21 articles by Grant Allen

Science in Arcady

The Evolutionist at Large

Grant Allen:  "Plain Words on the Women Question.Fortnightly Review 52  (October 1889):

Grant Allen: "In the Dark Continent." Cornhill Magazine 57 (April 1888)

Grant Allen: "Romance of Race." Cornhill Magazine 3 n.s.  (October 1897)

Grant Allen: "Why Keep India?" Contemporary Review 38 (October 1880

Grant Allen: "Birth of Mountains." Cornhill Magazine 52 (July 1885)

Grant Allen: "Falling in Love." Fortnightly Review 46 (October 1886):

Grant Allen: "From Fish to Reptile." Cornhill Magazine 46 (July 1882)

Grant Allen: "Fossil Continent." Cornhill Magazine 56 (September 1887)

Grant Allen: "Lyme Regis: A Splinter of Petrified History." Cornhill Magazine 42 (December 1880)

Grant Allen: "A Problem in Human Evolution.Fortnightly Review 31 (May 1879)

Grant Allen: "The Progress of Science from 1836-1886." Fortnightly Review 47 (June 1887)

Grant Allen: "Spencer and Darwin." Fortnightly Review 67 (February 1897)

Grant Allen: "Who Was Primitive Man?Fortnightly Review 38 (September 1882)

Grant Allen:"Who Were the Fairies?" Cornhill Magazine 43 (March 1881)

Grant Allen: "What is the Object of Life"

Grant Allen: "The Wrongfulness of Riches"


An African Millionaire                                                (Goodread reviews ----Boooklamp)

The Cruise of the Albatross                                                                     

Miss Cayley's adventures                                                                         (Goodread reviews)

Hilda Wade                

The Typewriter Girl                                                                                    (Goodread reviews)

Linnet: A Romance                                                                                   

Philistia (Volume 3)                                                                                    

Rosalba - Olive Pratt Rayner                                                                   

The Scallywag                                                                                           

Under Sealed Orders: A Novel                                                                

What's Bred in the Bone                                                                           (Goodread reviews)

The Woman who Did                                                                               

A Splendid Sin                                                                                           

Recalled to Life                                                                                        

The Woman who Did                                                                                 (Goodread reviews)

This Mortal Coil                                                                                          

The Adventure of the Cantankerous Old Lady                                       

The British Barbarians                                                                              (Goodread reviews)

The Great Taboo                                                                                      

Michael's Crag                                                                                           (Goodread reviews)

Side Lights                                                                                                

The Tents of Shem: A Novel (Volume 1)                                                 

The Tents of Shem: A Novel (Volume 2)                                                  

The Tents of Shem: A Novel (Volume 3)                                                  


The Cities of Northern Italy

The Umbrian Towns


The Cities of Belgium

The European Tour


The European Tour



Falling in Love, 21 articles by Grant Allen

Science in Arcady

The Evolutionist at Large

Story of the Plants

Force and Energy

Charles Darwin

The Evolution of the Idea of God                                                              (Goodread reviews)

Flashlights on Nature

Common Sense Science

Post-prandial Philosophy                                                                           (Goodread reviews)

The Colour-sense: Its Origin and Development: An Essay in Comparative Psychology

In Nature's Workshop: I. Sextons and Scavengers

In Nature's Workshop: II. False Pretences,

In Nature's Workshop: III. Plants that Go to Sleep,

In Nature's Workshop: IV. Masquerades and Disguises,

In Nature's Workshop: VI. Animal and Vegetable Hedgehogs

Short Stories:

Strange stories: a collection                                                                     (Goodread reviews)

Grant Allen: "The great ruby robbery"(1892-sep)

Listen to an audio version here

Grant Allen: "My New Year's Eve among the mummies" (1880-jan), writing as J. Arbuthnot Wilson

Grant Allen: "Jerry Stokes" (1891-mar)

Grant Allen: "Pallinghurst Barrow" (1892-dec)

Grant Allen: "Wolverden Tower" (1896-nov, 1900 ed.)                           (Goodread reviews)

Grant Allen: "General Passavant's Will"

Grant Allen: "The Themes Valley Catastrophe"                                       (Goodread reviews)

Grant Allen: "The Beckoning Hand"


Millicent Garrett Fawcett : "The Woman who Did." Contemporary Review 67 (May 1895)


Margaret Oliphant letter to Grant Allen

Grant Allen's correspondence with W.T. Stead

Grant Allen's letter in the Alice Bemis Taylor Collection

Alfred Wallace Letters to Grant Allen

Darwin's correspondence with Grant Allen

The letter that Allen's father sent to Darwin


Biographies of Working Men

Early Britain: Anglo Saxon Britain                                                            (Goodread reviews)