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Notice: Grant Allen's aunt Dora lived in Ontario (probably at Ardath house) until her death along with his widowed sister, Mrs. John Maule Machar, or Carolina E. Allen as she was known before she married. The Allens were known for their ministry of faith and love, and after 1900 Dora and Carolina were the only remaining Allens in Kingston.

Miss Dora Allen is mentioned in the 1852 census, which suggests that she lived near her brother between 1852 and 1881 . However, Dora Allen married Robert Arkley Ferguson when she was 30 (in 1861) and he was 31. Ferguson declined to act as an executor for his mother-in-law Charlotte's estate.

The 1852 census also suggests that Grant Allen's older brother is either called Henry Allen (b. 1840 Ireland) or Harry Allen (b. 1846). Thanks to Brian MacDonald I have now established that  Harry Allen (b. 1846) is Grant Allen's older brother  and MacDonald suggests that Henry Allen probably is his uncle. Grant Allen's grandmother married quite young and might have had children that were close in age to those of her oldest son, JA Allen.

Grant Allen had at least one uncle listed in the family tree: William Cox Allen, a barrister-at-law, who on the 13 of May1848 married  Harriet Louise, second daughter of Col. the Hon. Philip Vankoughnet. If Henry Allen is a brother of Joseph Antisell Allen, then he must also be included.

There is also some uncertainty concerning JA Allen's parents: Some sources list Jonathan Allen and others Henry Frances Allen. Either this is a mistake or JA's father died and his mother remarried.

Also we know that one of  Grant Allen's sisters married Henry Rushton Fairclough (1862-1938). It is common knowledge the Fairclough's wife called herself Fredericka, but her full name was Fredericka Blanche Allen. The family tree above is based on the 1881 census, at which time Fairclough was unmarried. He married on August 29 1888.

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