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Parodies of Grant Allen

Grant Allen's style and opinions in the 1895 novel The Woman Who Did were much ridiculed in novels and movies. Here are some of the best known examples:



The Woman Who Didn't (1895) by Victoria Cross (Vivian Cory) published by John Lane

The Woman Who Wouldn't (1895) by Lucas Cleeve (Angeline Kongscote) published by Simpkin, Marshall and Co.

Barbarous Britishers: a Tip Top Novel (1896) by H.D. Traill published by John Lane . (Parody of Grant Allen's other 1895 novel The British Barbarians: A Hill top novel)

In 1916 leftist writer Rose Pastor Stokes made a theater play called The Woman Who Wouldn't: A Play in Three acts


Pimple's The Woman Who Did (1917)

This was one of a series of parodies by the brothers Fred and Joe Evans. In their films they made a mockery of famous events such as the charge of the light brigade and the battle of Waterloo. People in Britain may see some of the few surviving films on the site of Screenonline . Unfortunately only 9 films have survived of the over 200 they made, and sadly Pimple's The Woman Who Did (1917) is not among them.