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Reviews of Grant Allen's work

The Critic October 12 1895 on Allen's book At Market Value

In the meantime the critics are to understand vistas of plush and shelves of brocade behind Mr. Allen's smile. It is beautiful; and if the critic asks sternly, ' Who did this? " and turns to deal his blows—lo ! Mr. Grant Allen, standing behind his counter with a roll of physiological esthetics lifted before his face, defends himself by crying, :'Hit the British Matron! She did it! " and we turn and face—''The Woman Who Did.'

Of course, after confessing his intention of literary suicide, our author will be pleased to know that we congratulate him that the " ideas, tastes, opinions, wishes and beliefs '' in the present story are ' inexorably " not his own. We may say the same of his artistic form, and record that the clumsy obviousness, the flatness of the effects and the gentle patronizing drool of the style are just what we should expect in a paper commodity. We agree. also, that if an artist has a soul that sells well on the prevailing market, he had better make it go as far as possible and put into each volume as little as he can for the money. It is enough to say that we have in ' At Market Value " a dull book for dull people, with a rather exposed but interesting preface..

The Spectator November 23 1895 on The British Barbarians

Some intoxication of this sort was evidently in Mr. Grant Allen's mind when he wrote his marvelous preface, took down a volume of Herbert Spencer from his shelf, opened it at random, consulted it's sortes, and found permission, if not commandment, to fling his wildest fancies broadcast upon the world. . .

Reviews of Reviews quotes H.B. Blavatsky on Allen's article "The Girl of The Future"

Steeped over the ears in dense matter and in the full conviction that mankind, along with its first cousins the monkeys, is directly descended of an ape father, and a baboon mother of a now extinct species, Mr. Grant Allen must of course fail to see the fallacy of his own reasoning.

The Contemporary Review (feminist Feminist Millicent Fawcett) on The Woman Who Did

If Mrs. Grundy had lain for a century dead, if the British matron never had been born, if the whole of Philestia had been depopulated by the plague, Mr. Grant Allen would never produce a story of real abiding literary value as a work of art. We have no mute inglorious Tolstoi languishing in Surrey. He is about as much the Tolstoi as Mr. Maeterlinck is the Belgian Shakespeare. What he has produced up to the date of "The Woman Who Did " is a fair sample of what he is capable of producing.

The Saturday Review (H.G. Wells) on The Woman Who Did

And the gospel Mr. Grant Allen - who surely knows that life is one broad battlefield - is preaching: what is it? It is the emancipation of women. He does not propose to emancipate them from the narrowness, the sexual savagery, the want of charity, that are the sole causes of the miseries of the illegitimate and the unfortunate: instead he wishes to emancipate them from monogamy

Review of Reviews on Allen's article "The New Hedonism"

Mr Ives' heart sang for joy when Mr. Grant Allen's first paper on 'The New Hedonism' appeared in The Fortnightly; but who can picture his despair and disgust when he found in the last number of the Humanitarian that Mr. Grant Allen drew the line at unnatural vice?"